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    About Us

    Qinhuangdao Great Wall Glass Industry Co.,Ltd. is located in Qinhuangdao,Qinhuangdao Great Wall Glass Industry Co.,Ltd. is located in Qinhuangdao,a seashore city which go by the name of "Glass City". we mainly producing and selling pressed glass products.

    In the process of producing ,we're applying the most advanced electronicmelt furnaces and auto-pressers for glass manufacturing.In mould development,we' re applying digital CNC center based on the computer workstation's assistance and CAD/CAM design support.We have one-stop production ability from the process ofproduct- designing,mould-developing into qlass-pressing. We're taking the lead position in pressed-glass industry field.

    Our main products including: door-glass(porthole glass)for washing machine,glassware use for microwave oven ,street lamp and lens of automobile. The material of the products is high borosiliate glass, which contained the fllowing features: high transparency, good caustic-resistant, high capability in resistingimpact and thermal shock.In 2000,our leading product washing machine doorglass was awarding "National New Products" prize.

    Since 1999,we started to supply door-glass to Haier; since the year of 2004 we started to supply door-glass to Panasonic;and since the year of 2005,westarted to supply door-glass to Samsung.Besides,we also supply related products to Panasonic、Whirlpool、LG、Midea,and other home appliances companies.

    In March of 2000, we successfully passed S09001 quality management system approval“High Qulity, High Speed, High Eficiency"is our company spirit,"Constantly improving quality, Satisfied customer's requirement" is our quality policy,"Accomplish what normal people couldn' t achieve”is our ultimate goal.

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