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    Decorative glass upstart, the first domestic product - crystal jade glass

    release time:2020-02-28 13:00:00

    Dongguan jingchuang special glass co., LTD., after several years of efforts and struggle, finally developed the first piece of domestic jade glass, to fill the long gap in the Chinese glass market jade glass. The product core technology is independently developed by dongguan jingchuang special glass co., LTD. The product quality is comparable to that of European and American products, and in many technical indicators and performance indicators are better than foreign products. The following is the specific introduction of crystal jade glass:

    Crystal jade glass features:

    1. High-tech independent research and development products, texture like jade, noble and elegant. Domestic initiative, the world's leading.

    2. High-grade green environmental protection building materials, without the inherent harmful radioactive element pollution of marble and granite.

    3. Since ancient times, Chinese people have unique feelings for jade, and the use of jade glass is conducive to physical and mental health.

    4. Rich color and luster, delicate texture, variety, with a unique effect of light and light, can meet different needs, suitable for decoration of various taste places

    5. Inorganic material forging instead of organic resin chemical products, so it does not age, luster is consistent, never fade.

    6. No weathering, good weather resistance, indoor, outdoor use at will.

    7. Do not absorb water, easy to clean, resistant to pollution. After installation and use will not be like the stone like moisture, easy to absorb dirt and produce permanent surface color difference.

    8. Good mechanical properties, shock resistance, compressive strength, bending strength are higher than ordinary glass and stone (density 2.6-2.7g/cm3 ordinary glass 2.5g/cm3)

    9. Safe to use. The broken fragments are not sharp and do not hurt people.

    10. Acid and alkali corrosion resistance is better than natural and artificial stone.

    11. Jingchuang's silk-embedded jade glass has high strength and will not fall off even if broken. It is safe to use. At the same time, the fire performance of silk jade glass is very excellent!

    12. Good processing performance, can wholesale large plate to glass and stone processing for cutting, edge grinding, drilling, clamping, and other processing, but also in the construction site processing. At the same time can carry out surface carving, car flower, sand pickling and other artistic processing.

    13. Curved processing into curved jade glass plate, application in the package cylinder, curved screen, building corner treatment, but also the overall bending furniture tea table, etc., increase the artistic effect.

    Easy to install. Can resemble stone material to also can resemble vitreous installation already, be like dry hang, wet stick, agglutinate knot, claw-joint can wait for a moment.

    Application scope of crystal jade glass:

    1. External wall decoration: overall curtain wall, dado wall, transparent wall, column, etc.

    2. Interior wall decoration: interior walls of high-grade buildings and public places, such as government office buildings, airports, subways, stations, exhibition halls, hotels, clubs, office buildings, etc.

    3, ground decoration: floor, floor line decoration, transparent stairs, etc.

    4. Family decoration: TV background, toilet wall, kitchen wall, etc.

    5, furniture decoration: table, flat curved tea table, wine cabinet, bar, such as decorative decoration.

    Jingchuangyu glass product specifications and sizes

    1. Maximum specification: 1200*2400mm

    2. A variety of thickness: 12mm, 16mm, 18mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm

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